Floral Mirage


About The Artwork

"Floral Mirage" is an oil painting on stretched canvas, measuring 18*24 cm, created in 2023 by Liza Illichmann. The painting is a landscape that captures the natural beauty of California's superbloom. The artist has been inspired by the vibrant colors and fragrant scents of the wildflowers that cover the hillsides during the annual bloom.

In this painting, the artist has captured a moment of pure magic. The landscape seems to be bathed in a dreamlike aura, as if the scene were a mirage. The colors of the flowers seem to blur and blend together, creating a truly mesmerizing effect.

The brushstrokes are loose and fluid, giving the painting a sense of movement and energy. The flowers are painted with delicate care and attention to detail, and the sky and surrounding landscape are subtly hinted at with soft brushstrokes.

The painting is a celebration of life and nature, and a testament to the artist's love of California's superbloom and its flowers. It is a stunning piece that will fill any room with color, beauty, and joy.

Details & Dimensions

Painting: Oil on Canvas

Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

Size: 24 W x 18 H x 1.5 D cm

Frame: Not Framed
Packaging: Ships in a Box

Shipping & Returns

Delivery Time: Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, 10-14 business days for international shipments.

Delivery Cost: Shipping is included.

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