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About Liza Illichmann
Liza Illichmann (full name Yelyzaveta Illichmann) is a realist artist based in Germany.

Born in Sumy, Ukraine, her work is influenced by Ukrainian culture, style and manner of painting.
Liza takes her inspiration from breathtaking seascapes, beautiful sunsets, skies, nature, and more. She uses oils and acrylics to create unique works of art.

“I paint seascapes, and when the mood requires it, I also paint wine” says Liza.

She uses a wide range of techniques to create her paintings, from traditional multi-layer techniques such as glazing to impasto, a favorite of the Impressionists.
Liza's work are held in numerous private collections in the US, Europe, UAE, Australia etc.
Artist Liza Illichmann
I am a self-taught artist, and I am very proud of what I have accomplished and where I am today. So far i have learned:
Art techniques, from basic to advanced
Color theory and usage
Light and shadow
Realistic objects and still lifes
Portraiture and the human body

This is just a beginning of my journey and i keep learning every day, but already mostly throught my paintings.

Am i good? It`s up to you to decide!
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My work is available on direct sale, or by commission. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.
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Illichmann Liza
Germany, Bannberscheid. 56424
Original art by Liza Illichmann 
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